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THE FRAGRANCE: Our top selling scent. Top notes of Satsuma citrus balance with subtle floral notes of muguet. Apricot and passionfruit complement the sweetness of sugared black currant. A crisp scent celebrating the sparkling effervescence of Prosecco and Champagne.

THE PRODUCT: Stay sanitized on the go while bringing in the familiarity and comfort of your favorite Antica scent! Our Hand Sanitizing Mist has an FDA-approved luxury formula that sanitizes effectively while leaving hands beautifully scented without sticky residue or stripping moisture.

Prosecco Sanitizing Hand Mist

  • FILL: 59ml / 2 fl. oz.

    ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Ethyl Alcohol, Denatured 80% (Antiseptic)
    INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Purified Water USP, Glycerin, Fragrance

    *Our Hand Sanitizing Mist is FDA-approved, manufactured in the U.S. and does not include methanol as an ingredient.

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